Why Kim Jung Un’s Sister Is Terrifying

This year we got a glimpse at a possible future a brand new ruler for North Korea Kim Yo-jong she’s the sister of current leader Kim jong-un but will she be better or more frightening than the current
supreme leader with the world’s media and public desperate to know more about the elusive Kim we’re going to examine her history recent events that have led to the interest
and the controversy she’s been linked to in the past many of which make her a terrifying prospect for ruling a country on top of this, we’ll look at various financial transactions yo Jung has been involved with so let’s get started when North Korea’s leader
Kim Jong-un went missing recently there were whispers about his demise
yet Kim yo-Jung stepped into the spotlight during his absence with that, she became the favorite to take over the leadership of the country
after jong-un however, while some believe this is a positive step to move away from the brutal regime imposed by your brother and father some
believe the totalitarian establishment could get a lot more intense with her in charge without knowing too much of her past some sections of social media became overly excited about yo Jung potentially taking over
often comparing yeo zhang to various anime characters yet there is a big problem north Korea is said to favor a patriarchal society meaning it’ll be difficult for you Jung to get into power and become the first woman to lead

the nation eventually Kim Jong-un was found to be fine after
his reported cardiovascular surgery however his number of public appearances are still significantly reduced when compared to this time last year leading many to believe that a new leader might be coming sooner
rather than later if you jong were to get into power she’ll have quite the bank account to go with her new responsibilities.
Kim Jong-un has an estimated net worth of around 5 billion much of the money has been claimed to come from dubious means while most of the 25
million citizens of North Korea are said to live on very little anyone
of fame needs to have a security team on hand for protection well if joe jong were to become the supreme leader she’ll have to spend that five billion dollars on a top of the range security the cost of a security team at a
person’s home can be as much as 1.5 million dollars per year according to a security expert, Anthony Davis he also stated that most houses use two
or three guards which increases the yearly price to around three million dollars on top of this when at the event a separate security team will be required besides expenses, the cost is around one thousand dollars per day for each guard let’s say a politician requires three guards that’s three thousand dollars a day,well in 2013 Kim jong-un made 69 public

appearances in April May and June that would cost 207 000 but to get a
rough idea on the yearly cost we’ll have to times that by four to
reach 12 months which gives us 828 thousand dollars,That’s how much it might cost Kim yo-Jung if or when she becomes supreme leader Yo-Jong’s recent temporary rise to prominence isn’t the first time she’s covered for her brother in 2014 while Jong-un was receiving medical treatment
yo jong allegedly took over some of the state duties the exact nature of the medical treatment of jong-un is unknown however, it speculated he was having a treatment for gout further evident when he was seen next in
the public eye he was relying on a walking stick to get around
since Jong-un took power in 2011 yo-jong has been slowly rising through the ranks of power.

Now she’s seen as the second most important figure in North Korea
with her rival for that position being Chora young hey yo jong’s father-in-law yo jong has the closest relationship with zhang un compared to all the siblings Kim jong-chol the oldest living son of former leader Kim jong-il
is said to be more into eric Clapton and playing guitar rather than politics Kim sol song the older sister was also overlooked by her father in taking control of the country mostly due to her gender but still plays an active part in the Kim dynasty then there’s Kim Jong-Nam he was the favorite to take over for many years however, He tried to enter Disneyland japan in 2001 with a fake passport and was arrested the embarrassment caused zhang ill to exile his son

Kim Jong-un is said to have three children however due to their age, they’re unlikely to grasp power from their father any time soon so that leaves one big candidate yo jong perhaps becoming the first woman to lead North Korea wouldn’t be the only time she’s made an appearance in the record books.
In 2018 the winter Olympics were being held in South Korea yo zhang became the first member of the Kim family to visit the country since
North Korea was formed she spent three days meeting south Korean officials along with four members of the delegation and their 18 staff members the cost of this trip was paid for by South Korean government
food accommodation and transport were all covered the bill came to a massive 240 million Korean wan which at the time was around two hundred seven dollars how did Kim yo jong findher way to the top
well let’s get back to the start Kim yo-jong is the youngest child of Kim

She was born on September 26th as for the year there’s two conflicting dates the u.s treasury believes it to be 1989 bwhile south Korea states it’s 1987 making her either 30 or 32 years old at the time of this video’s creation
just like her brothers before yo jong also went to school in Switzerland
this time abroad helped strengthen her bond with jong-un they started with the international school of bern later it’s reported the siblings were moved by their father to liebfeldstein’s holy a public school nearby the reason for the change was apparently in order to reduce expenditures for Kim jong-il
well considering the cost to enroll at the international school of burn
understandably, it can be as much as 39 000 per year after school in Europe yo Jung decided to get a degree in north Korea, So she attended the Kim il-sung university in Pyongyang North Korea which is named after her grandfather and founder of North Korea yo jong specialized in computer science.
In 2017 a group of Chinese students was interviewed on their experience of
studying in North Korea one stated that the cost per term was around seven thousand dollars, however, getting broadband was very pricey an initial fee of over two hundred dollars was required the bill per month was more than one hundred dollars another student,Alex Sigley documented his experience at the university’s dormitory in 2018 he stated that a good haircut would cost around three dollars food from the on-site restaurant was between one to five dollars depending on the dish while the gym in the building cost a dollar fifty per use.
Kim yo-Jung’s rise to power started in 2007, where she was appointed as a junior cadre in the ruling Workers Party of North Korea when her brother came to power yo jong’s career progressed further she was put in charge of her brother’s tours by the national defense commission yo Jung started out his schedule security and other various needs on the trips in 2014 after stepping in for her brother during his absence yo jong was appointed the first director deputy of the propaganda and agitation department this department’s mission is to aid the aura surrounding Kim jong-un
they do this by creating propaganda as well as creating the cult of personality of jong-un in 2017 yo-Jung was promoted into politburo which stands for the political bureau of the central committee of the workers
party of Korea this group is the highest decision-making power in the country essentially yo jong was in the inner circle.

In 2019 yo jong was elected as a member of the supreme people’s assembly
for those that believe yo Jiang would be more brutal than Zhong un the past few months has stirred up a couple of big red flags recently North Korea accused South Korea of allowing activists to send over leaflets that criticize Kim jong-un’s reign even sending them via balloons this has been a problem for north Korea for years, But now it hit the boiling point these activists often contained people that had defected from the north
with that yo jong threatened their neighbors yo jong heavily criticized
South Korean president moon Jae-lee by calling him to quote insane unquote the North Korean military was then deployed and began target practice in the demilitarized zone between the countries.

Yo-jong also threatened to destroy an the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong North Korea she stated south Korea will see quote a tragic scene of the useless north-south joint liaison office completely collapsed unquote a few days later that building was actually blown up in June 2020 the four-story office was first created in 2018 all in order to keep lines of communication open between North and south Korea due to recent world events the workers weren’t at the office since January as such no one was harmed in the destruction when creating this joint venture south Korea reportedly spent around eight million dollars to refurbish the building to turn it into a liaison office.

Due to this action, the South Korea lawyer lee Kyung-Jae issuing Kim yo-jong and the chief of the general staff of the Korean people’s army jong-Chong lee believes there is strong evidence that the two created the plan to destroy the building a building that south Korea financed as well as providing electricity to the building from across the border in south Korea law, a person found guilty of the destruction of a public building could get a prison sentence between 7 to 10 years in this case the punishment will be a prison sentence rather than a financial penalty however there was a similar case in the u.s that .We can use for an idea of how much it would cost if the punishment was money for decades the former factory known as the five points complex in new york was a place for graffiti artists to express
themselves in 2014 even after numerous attempts to halt it the building was destroyed with that 21 artists came together to sue the owner in 2018 the artist won the case and received 6.7 million dollars in damages
have you ever wondered how the Kim dynasty has managed to be surrounded by luxury items when the country’s citizens are struggling well there’s a reason for that over the years there has been a number of accusations that a secretive group operates in North Korea known as office 39 this group was first created in 1974 by Kim Jong-il office 39 helps to find ways around the un sanctions on luxury goods such goods as expensive cars alcohol and much more .
well you Jung has been linked to a position in the shady organization
her husband Cho song is also heavily linked to the group at one point office, 39 attempted to bring in two Italian luxury yachts into the country through china they were valued at 15 million dollars altogether however, it failed the group has been accused of various other crimes including counterfeiting substance smuggling selling arms and so on there are some accusations that Kim jong-un is making millions from this venture if
his sister yo jong is also involved she’ll also be making a lot of money