10 Things Students Did To Pass Exams

everyone’s least favorite part of school in is the dreaded exam but if you fear flunking sometimes creative measures must be taken here are some shocking things students did to pass exams

10-Bad hygiene in South

In South Korea students have been known to not shower cum exam time this is due to a superstition that says if you wash your hair before an exam you wash all of the knowledge out this may seem rather gross and trivial but it is a common practice for South Korean students and no one’s going to be getting close enough to cheat that’s for sure.

9-calculator hacking

Usually, before a math test that requires a calculator instructors will go around the room test up the devices and clear any stored data so that students can’t look in past archives to find the answers however in this day and age with the ability to hack technology students have been figuring out ways to hack into graphing calculators like a ti-83 and upload programs that will restore deleted data or even upload additional notes to help them pass a test .

8-body doubles

In 2011 an elaborate cheating scandal was discovered in Long Island
New York where college students were discovered taking the SATs for younger students one adult and fixed minors were arrested in the cheating ring the adult that was arrested was accepting payments of up to $2,500 to take the SAT he started this in 2009 and used to fake IDs to get into the exam venues he ended up facing felony charges and testing facilities tightened up their security.

7-UV pen

According to an article in The Daily Mail numerous students have been
purchasing UV pens which are only a few dollars and using them to write answers on their arms pants and water bottles in regular light the notes will be invisible all students need to do cum exam time is shine the UV light to the area they wrote on and their notes will appear think of it like writing with invisible ink and praying that the teacher doesn’t notice the UV light.

6-rolling in the carpet

When an anonymous college student from st. Louis Missouri was struggling with her college course she figured out a way to get a passing grade she asked her 49-year-old professor for help and offered to come to his home
needless to say the young college student and the professor ended up
rolling around on his carpet and the students grades magically improved their affair continued but unfortunately for the student old professor made her continue the ROM or he wouldn’t give her a passing final grade .

5-tampons and pencils

come exam time there are many things that aren’t allowed in the
examination room like cell phones and other electronics several women have come forward to various publications and confessed that they have written notes and test answers on tampons one of the few items allowed to be on hand with a student in the test room other variations of this is slicing a pencil in half writing the answers on mailing labels and sticking them inside the pencil then flipping them open when the teacher isn’t looking .

4-super pass

In HongKong China there is a series of activities called Ginko or super pass that students will participate in around a month before exam time it starts at a Chinese restaurant where students will eat a dish consisting of pork cubes and cashews are especially important because it sounds like wish to pass in Chinese then each student will have a turn at trying to slice a roast pig in half if the student is successful at slicing the sacrificial offering it’s
believed they will pass finally the students will eat Kiwis because the
Chinese name for the fruit sounds like easy to pass exams.

3-smart cameras

This story sounds like it’s straight from a spy movie students
in Thailand were caught taking photos of exam questions with smart cameras in ntheir eyeglasses the photos would then nbe sent to an unknown person who had then researched the answer and sent it
back to the students, Smart Watch other students around the world have tried the same technique but some were caught because they forgot to silence their watches when the started .

2-cheating for a visa

In 2015 the United States Department of Justice intervenes after 15 Chinese individuals took exams such as the SATs and the texts of English as a foreign language while posing as other Chinese individuals still in China each student was paid up to six thousand dollars and set false passports with the names of the other students in China and inserted their photos the reason behind this was that the students still in China wanted to study and go to college in the United States so they could get a visa the scheme took place between 2011 and 2015 the situation went from an academic issue to an immigration issue really quickly.

1-boycott Peter

Fralick was a professor at Johns Hopkins University and he was well
known for grading on a curve whatever student got the highest score their score would be considered an A and so on so forth at the end of the fall term students in frolics classes collectively decided to boycott the final so that the highest score would be zero the boycott worked and all of the
students passed their final with an A Fralick altered his grading policy after
the incident.