How is “Tyrion Lannister” Peter Dinklage Spends His Millions

Peter Dinklage is certainly getting around not only does he play Tyrion
Lannister in Game of Thrones which is entering into its final and most anticipated season yet but he also seems to have a role in all of the biggest
movies in just the last few years he’s appeared in x-men Days of Future past
pixels the Angry Birds movie three billboards outside Epping Missouri and
Avengers infinity war all of which were smash hits he even starred in the most talked-about Superbowl commercial of 2018 what’s he doing with all his movie TV and commercial money stay tuned until the end to get an answer to this question and to learn just how much Peter cares about the Husky pet trade.
Now here is how Peter Tyrion Lannister Dinklage spends his millions,
It’s imperative that we let you know what Dinklage earns before we tell you
about how he spends it before he made it big on Game of Thrones Dinklage was a respected character actor but one that was far from what would be considered rich by Hollywood standards few of his movies were hits and although he was critically acclaimed for performances and independent movies the only roles people would have known him for were the angry executive and elf and Trumpkin and Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian as
for TV Dinklage made one-off appearances on shows like oz entourage and 30 rock as well as several episodes one on the threshold and nip/tuck but nothing that would have given him syndication money so although we’d be lying if we said Dinklage wasn’t then making a good living from acting it was until 2011that he could be considered one of the industry elites Game of Thrones premiered that year which changed the actor’s life he became a household name or at the very least a household face and one of the most celebrated actors in the world he was all so inundated with money but how much money we know that’s the question you’ve been waiting to hear
answered well we don’t know how much Dinklage made for the first few seasons of Game of Thrones for season four it was reported by Vanity Fair that he and the other main actors Emilia Clarke Nikolaj coster-waldau Kit Harington and Leena Headley earned 160,000 per episode according to Deadline their salaries increased to 300,000 for season five and by season seven their per-episode earnings totaled half a million dollars although it was originally reported that the actors would be paid the same salary
for the eighth and final season, they apparently renegotiated for 1 million in episode and evidently they received it if the reports are true Dinklage will be earning 7 million for season 8 this puts his net worth in the tens of millions of dollars range and it’s growing.

Peter Dinklage is not a public person well technically he is since he’s an
actor who’s obligated to attend events and be interviewed on talk shows but
he’s reluctant to let his public and personal lives overlap this means he doesn’t divulge many details his background relationships or possessions he lets his acting work speak for him and it speaks loud.
But for those fans more interested in the minutiae of Peters life it has been up to other people mainly reporters to provide the details this is a hard job
especially as it concerns housing most celebrities houses are in the public
domain you can find almost as much information about the houses as the
celebrities but not haters however in a video about his spending habits housing is the perfect starting point so we had to rely on some very sparse info to form a picture of Dinklage’s housing situation his only home with an
accompanying photo is an apartment complex in New York City a city where he’s lived for over 20 years this is one of the three houses that Dinklage is known to own another is located in his hometown of Morristown New Jersey which he bought in 2010 and is apparently
worth 4.7 million however over the last several years Dinklage spent much of his time and money living in Ireland where a game of Thrones was filmed but Ireland is not the only foreign locale where Dinklage has spent time he likes to vacation as most people do and his job makes it very easy to do so of course being a millionaire doesn’t hurt either this is why we’d be remiss if we forgot to include vacationing when mentioning Dinklage’s top expenses along with Ireland he’s been seen in such countries as the UK Spain Canada and Italy while the reasons for appearing in these
countries may have been film related like shooting game of Thrones for
instance we have to believe that Dinklage did do some standard vacation
activities like relaxing on the beach or indulging in the amazing food scene in places like Spain and Italy how could he not we do know of one trip Dinklage took that wasn’t work-related it was to Scotland in June 2018 for the wedding of his game of Thrones co-star Kit Harington to his former Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie.

You may have noticed that we have not listed any tropical locations as far as the public knows Dinklage hasn’t taken a trip to Aruba Jamaica or any other Caribbean island paradise but this doesn’t mean he hasn’t n done so in secret something that Dinklage is less secretive about it his love of music he enjoys spending a night out watching live music not so much at concerts it seems but at clubs his favorite spot in Los Angeles was the lava lounge which has since closed but he’s also been seen at vicar street Dublin Ireland’s 1000 seat venue watching the indie rock band the national his love of music can be traced back to a few key moments of his childhood one was that Peters family happened to live beside Bruce Springsteen’s manager
in New Jersey, the neighbors struck up a friendship which led to the manager and Bruce himself hanging out at Dinklage’s house Bruce would even play music for Peter and his family Peter would expand his musical love to cover the whole neighborhood as he put on a musical puppet
shows for the locals one of which was a performance of the whose album
Quadrophenia but it didn’t stop at the puppet shows in his 20s Dinklage was the frontman of a New York punk-rock band called wheezy it was well rocking with wheezy that Peter got a scar running from his neck to his eyebrow he was playing at the club CBGB in Manhattan jumping around on stage as all punk rockers are supposed to do when an arrant nice
mashed his temple although he was wounded he continued the show like
nothing happened although we can’t imagine how gruesome he looked the next morning thus Dinklage has paid for his music fandom in more ways than one for a moment let’s transition from things Peter Dinklage has thought to something he hasn’t bought he’s never bought a husky why is this important you ask well in 2017 Dinklage teamed up with PETA to implore his fans to stop buying Huskies animal shelters had reported an
influx of Huskies entering their buildings a phenomenon that was directly
linked to Game of Thrones popularity as all of you fans know dire wolves are the large quasi supernatural dogs that live in Westeros and are the spiritual and physical protectors of the stark plan and they look an awful lot like Huskies have you made the connection yet Game of Thrones fans flocked to the pet stores and breeders to buy up all their Huskies the problem with this is twofold none is that this practice unfairly

discriminates against other Bri meaning that many equally deserving dogs
get passed over because they don’t look like dire wolves the second is that many of these Huskies end up abandoned since most people buying a dog because of a TV show are doing so impulsively they aren’t aware of how hard it is to raise and train a husky so after the hopeful owners realize that they can’t hack it off to the shelter’s the Huskies go it got so bad that breeds specific shelters in California and the UK reported twice as many Huskies entering their shelters after Game of Thrones premiered and rose in popularity this compelled PETA to contact Dinklage who told his fans the
offer mentioned facts and capped the press release by saying please please if you’re going to bring a dog into your family make sure that you’re prepared for such a tremendous responsibility and remember to always adopt from a shelter this isn’t the first time that a movie or TV show caused a dangerous demand for a certain breed Dalmatians were targeted after the release of 101 Dalmatians pugs were in demand after the breed featured prominently in men in black and Chihuahuas were objectified after the premiere of Beverly Hills Chihuahua so maybe Peters work with the charity
was a good use of his time and his money although it might not be a direct way of spending his millions we’re glad to see that he’s investing his time into a worthwhile cause and it’s probably safe to assume that he spent at least some of his dollars helping out with pitas campaign thankfully Dinklage doesn’t make such impulsive purchases on Huskies the only animal that he spends his money on is Kevin Kevin is Peter’s rescue dog
he was adopted from a shelter many years ago and Kevin looks every minute of it we’re not trying to disparage the old hound dog but he’s definitely grey around the muzzle this just adds to his character and we’re sure that Dinklage thought the same thing when he fell for
the distinguished mutt Kevin’s claim to fame is that he was mentioned in Peters 2011 Emmy speech when he won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series more specifically he thanked the dog
sitter who was taking care of Kevin that night Peters adoption of Kevin means that he walks the walk regarding animal rights and is not just posturing to his image he supports and presumably donates to multiple environmental ncharities including PETA not only did he help the organization in its battle against impulsive dog owners he also

released a video for PETA in 2014 urging meat-eaters to consider the ethical and financial ramifications of their food choices Dinklage was a vegetarian for most of his adult life and switched to veganism a few years ago when a scene required Tyrion Lannister to eat meat during Game of Thrones Dinklage ate tofu instead the actor is committed to fighting for animal rights and he’s also spoken in the past of charities called Farm Sanctuary and cruelty-free international the main takeaway of this video should be that most of Peters money goes to his family Kevin included along with his rescue dog Dinklage has a wife Erica Schmidt and two children the first was born in 2011 and the second in 2017 he met Erica a theatre director in 2002 and they eloped in 2005 six years later they had a daughter although many photos exist of Peter Erica and their daughter out in public nothing else is known about her and by nothing we mean nothing not even her name after being asked by a reporter what his daughter’s name is Dinklage replied search in a later interview Dinklage said that he was joking when he
called her search but he still didn’t reveal her real name if you think this
is excessive it’s nothing compared to the shroud of secrecy surrounding his
new child not only is their name a mystery but so is their gender it can be
assumed that based on the privacy Dinklage maintains with his family that
they are the principal beneficiaries of Peters wealth and it’s probably not even close forget mansions and fancy cars the supreme value that Dinklage provides his family with is being able to live peacefully and quietly despite being one of the biggest stars in the world my wife Eric Schmidt and my lovely new daughter that’s all for how Peter Tyrion Lannister Dinklage spends his millions what would you buy if you had Peter Dinklage’s money let us know in the